Saturday, August 18, 2012

Perhaps it's not about David Barton


Swirling about the Internet the last couple of weeks is the recent shelving of David Barton's book on Thomas Jefferson, removed from circulation by Thomas Nelson, the publisher. Charges and counter charges are all over the place at who is wrong, who is controlled by the liberal media, who is a patriot, and other predictable charges. 

While I encourage you to read the article linked above, the comments to this World Magazine announcement are better than the article. The insightful comments from people of other nations, who question our zeal to promote America as a "special" nation--they make a good point. Spending all this energy to prove that America is special, and the rest of the nations of the world are only average, doesn't seem right to me. The British-Israelism movement failed to make a Scriptural argument for American being a modern extension of ancient Israel, the Mormons fail to make the argument from their false history of Jesus, so now we have Barton and company, sifting through our national documents, trying to prove that we are a special nation in the eyes of God. I would rather we spent our energy making it clear how special Christ is to the nations, rather than how special America is. David Barton and his fans, right or wrong, need to look at this fundamental issue carefully. 

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