Friday, April 24, 2015

Important News about Whitefield's Prayer and My Blogging Future

For a long time I have wanted to join a blogging team that would not depend upon me exclusively to provide good, Biblical content. I knew I couldn't carry the weight of a good site alone.

To run a healthy blog, new content must be provided daily. For a while, I attempted to provide content here at this site, while encouraging a few others to do the same, and balancing all of my duties as pastor. Unfortunately, Whitefield's Prayer was never able to gain the momentum I had hoped.

But wait...

I have recently been asked to participate in an amazing new blog with over a dozen authors from various backgrounds and denominations - all evangelical Christians with a conservative Scriptural approach. For this reason I am excited to announce that my blogging content will be moved over to A Christian Manifesto.

Writing for A Christian Manifesto is an exciting "step up" for me and I am grateful to Scott Lamb and Carmen Fowler for inviting me to be one of their featured writers.

For a link to all of my content, already moved to A Christian Manifesto, please click here. 

Please join me there for more insightful articles on pastoral theology, Biblical insight, and book and Bible reviews!

- Matthew Everhard