Friday, October 3, 2014

Should Abortion Providers Have Surgical-Quality Medical Standards?

I try really hard to understand where abortion advocates come from.

I honestly do attempt to understand their reasoning to discern why they are so passionate about their conviction that women - all women in fact - should have immediate, free, unimpeded access to abortion services. Preferably paid for by you and I, the taxpayers.

But I just get so confused by their logic.

We are told, routinely and regularly by abortion-on-demand advocates that "If we outlaw abortion, women will be forced to resort to back-alley butchery." That the clothes hanger will be the surgical implement of choice of pregnant teens, unwed mothers, and minority groups. They would have us believe that women will bring themselves greater harm than if abortion-on-demand was simply provided and payed for by John Q. Public. Heard that argument before? Me too.

But follow the logic of their argument now:

The State of Texas has recently won an appeals court ruling that legally requires the enforcement of higher standards for abortion facilities. This means that the facilities in which abortions are performed must be clean, sterile, and meeting state of Texas standards of excellence. In fact, the requirements and standards are so tough that they must meet hospitals' surgical level quality controls.

The pro-abortion camp should jump for joy right? They've been arguing for safe abortions all along haven't they? Aren't they all about "women's health"? Who would want dirty, sub-quality back-alley operations?

Apparently, the pro-choice camp does, that's who.

You see, this new ruling that requires abortion providers to meet surgical standards of quality control will essentially enforce the shut down of most of Texas' abortion operations, almost 40 clinics. Only seven (just seven!) meet the standards of a decent local hospital. As far as this writer is concerned, good bye and good riddance to those disgusting clinics.

Think about it: Haven't the abortion-on-demand folks been telling us that an abortion is a mere medical procedure? Just a surgery? Something akin to the removal of an appendix? Haven't they been telling us that abortion doesn't stop a beating heart but is just "the removal of a lump of tissue?" If an abortion is just a personal elective surgery (as they would have us believe) it should meet the standards of ALL other surgeries. "Women's health" would seem to require that. Right?

But no.

The abortion advocates tell us this law is unfair. A travesty. "A state of emergency," as described by one abortion  advocate. Now these folks want us to believe that women deserve their abortions and they should have the right to get them in disgusting, dirty, unsanitary facilities like the one that Dr. Kermit Gosnell ran.

So who is really pro-women here?

-Matthew Everhard is the Senior Pastor of Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Brooksville, Florida. 

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