Friday, March 7, 2014

A Lenten Prayer (For Those Who Pray)

Dear Lord and Heavenly Father, 

Blessed Lord Jesus, Divine Holy Spirit, Wonderful Name that is above every Name; I praise and worship you today. I come binding myself to you afresh, acknowledging that I have no other Master. You are my King!

I am excited to think that once again you have given me a period of reflection in which to explore my relationship with you, to hear you calling me back to first premises, to the foundations of my faith, to deeper affection, to piety, and to devotion to you. You have graciously reminded me of my union with Christ that is the very essence of my life – not just in receiving something from Him, nor giving something to Him, but being something in Him. You have made me alive in Him. I have discovered what it means to be a spiritual person and so I come to celebrate, while looking forward to being reminded of the Cross, the Suffering, the Death and the glorious Resurrection of the Lord Jesus, that in all of these I am bound to you. They are my means and my end. I bind myself to this truth.

The enormity of my sin appears mountainous before me. What hope would I have if I dwelt upon it? How overwhelming would it be to my spirit if I faced its awesome consequences day by day? Yet as I acknowledge my proneness to sin, the sin that so easily besets me, I rejoice that by your grace you remind me that; “as far as the East is from the West, so have you removed my transgressions from me.” Your forgiveness for all my sins is as a fire that burns up my dross and renders me clean, that I may obey your Word to be “holy as I am holy.” I bind myself to this truth.

Now Father, I ask you for help. I remember so well the importance of my having been baptized – having been symbolically washed (shriven) having been set aside to be your child, and to live for you as one who is dead to self and alive unto God. A glorious exchange has taken place. I am not my own, “I am bought with a price” prepared from before the foundation of the world. This knowledge is wonderful to me. But I need your help in holding me to this truth. I confess that I am so easily drawn aside to the cares of this world, to the frets and worries that seem to come on a daily basis, when I say “if it isn’t one thing it’s another.” You are Sovereign Lord and I need to dwell in this glad assurance. I bind myself to this truth.

So may all my conscious thoughts, my flights of fancy, and hopes and aspirations, come in renewed commitment before you today. May my wants be your wants, inspired and disposed to draw me onwards, deeper, more profoundly dedicated to you my Lord and my God, in all things, and for ever.
I bind myself to this truth!

-Dr. Wilfred Bellamy, Ph.D. is a longtime pastor and missionary, ordained in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

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