Friday, February 7, 2014

Living Proof of Creationism

I, like many, had the opportunity to watch the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. As usual in debates like these, the two experts were unwaveringly convinced that their way of interpreting the same evidence was correct and the other’s way was wrong. If you are a creationist you probably thought that Ham was the victor and if you are an evolutionist then you were likely more impressed by Nye’s arguments. However, there was one piece of evidence that was overlooked throughout the debate and was briefly alluded to during the Q&A. That evidence is life. Life itself is unexplainable for the evolutionist.

Now, I’m not a scientist and I’m sure the self proclaimed experts could wax eloquently about the progress of biogenesis or abiogenesis, but the fact remains that the greatest minds the scientific community has ever produced have not even come close to discovering the source of life. Since Louis Pasteur disproved spontaneous generation 150 years ago, scientists have presented different hypotheses but have made no progress other than to discover more ways that it did not happen. In short scientific method gives us no answer to the question of life’s origin.

There is, however, one explanation that is completely consistent to the “reasonable man’s” observation of the world around us. That would be the Biblical explanation. Genesis reveals three things, among others, about life that is obvious to the rational mind. The first thing is that life was created by a living being. We know that life can only be produced by life. That is scientific fact. The Bible teaches that God has eternal life in himself and that in the “beginning,” that is, the beginning of time as we know and observe it, he created creatures and gave them life. This is difficult for the humanists to accept because they limit themselves to only the knowledge that they can acquire themselves, and that only of the natural sphere of knowledge. This limited perspective handicaps them from understanding the deeper mysteries of the universe. Since they have no room in their thinking for revelation from the spiritual or eternal sphere, they are left guessing.

The second thing revealed in the Biblical revelation is that life reproduces life after its kind. This is so obvious that it takes a Ph.D. to make it difficult. A flea reproduces a flea, a fish reproduces a fish, a dog reproduces a dog, a horse reproduces a horses, etc. Furthermore we are informed that God created man in his own image, therefore man is unique in comparison to the other creatures. We as humans are unique in our intelligence, our morals, our consciousness, our relationships, etc. Because we are created by God for his purpose we reflect characteristics of his triune existence. We exist to share in his eternal life.

The third thing we learn in Genesis is that life ends because of rebellion against God and his purpose. This is the curse of sin. There is no greater evidence against the evolutionary process than the absolute certainty of death. Everything that is alive is going to die. It is universal and certain. Like a curse on all of creation. That would be the curse of sin. Scientist cannot, no matter how hard they try, figure out how to stop death. We are all moving toward that inevitable end because God has appointed it to us.

However, because God is love, which creates another problem for the evolutionists, he has provided the perfect atonement for our sins and made a way for those of us who believe on the name of his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to experience the eternal life that we were created to enjoy. The person and work of Jesus Christ is central to God’ plan for the human race. It is obvious to the rational mind that human history is filled with meaning and purpose. We are moving toward a great end that was designed by an awesome God. The Scriptures command you to turn from your sin and trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ so that you may have eternal life. The evolutionary hypothesis leaves no room for this great truth. It gives you no cause, purpose, or life. Choose this day whom you will serve. The Eternal God of the universe, or the ideas of men who will soon die with you.


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