Thursday, January 24, 2013

God Equips Reviews "Hold Fast the Faith"

God according to their vision statement is a ministry that exists, "as an online Bible, doctrinal and topical study recommendation resource center. We seek out and review all sorts of Christian materials; then we recommend those that pass our rigorous criteria."

Because of their faithfulness to Scripture and the Reformed tradition, I was very excited to hear that their editorial staff chose to review my new book Hold Fast the Faith: A Devotional Commentary on the Westminster Confession of 1647.

Full Disclosure: is a ministry wing of the Presbyterian Lay Committee; the parent ministry of Reformation Press, the publisher of my book.

Nevertheless, here is part of their kindly review of my work:
We highly recommend this devotional commentary on The Westminster Confession by Matthew Everhard. This is a much-needed resource not only for pastors, but also for lay people who want to grow deeper in their understanding and love for the Sovereign God!

Everhard takes the majestic Westminster Confession of faith (1647) and builds a bridge to 21st century believers. It is neither an academic study, nor a watered-down piece with no punch. Rather, Everhard takes even the most difficult and controversial aspects of the WCF both in an easy-to-grasp historical sense, and in a manner that moves powerful truths into the hearts and minds of believers.
This is a not lightweight book, but neither is it too dense or inaccessible. It is, in this reviewer’s opinion, “just right” as a rich devotional tool.
You can read the full review here

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